Model Testing


Congratulations! If you’re reading this you’ve either been asked to test with us or you’re considering it. Either way, we’re glad you’re here. The information that follows will give you an idea of what Model Test Shoots are and why we have test shoots for our events.

We’re pretty sure you can model; that’s why you’re here. So, why a “test-shoot” then? Well, a test shoot is kind of like an interview. We’re not questioning your modeling ability (most times) 😉 . We’re trying to get an idea of how we’ll work together and how you are as a model on set. Also if you’re hired for a future event we can use the photos from the test shoot to promote you and show our customers one of the lighting sets that are going to be taught.

Are test-shoots paid? The short answer is no, sorry. We’re introducing you to our customers who have become like family to us. So we need to experience your level of professionalism. However, special circumstances are made to cover travel if you’re coming from out of state.

If you think about it, we’re renting the studio, providing hair and make-up and sometimes wardrobe. We also have our own hourly rates that get taken into consideration when calculating overhead. We’re heavily invested in your test shoot and wouldn’t be discussing it with you unless we were serious. 

What do I get out of it? Besides future employment* in a BendingLight event, we will provide you with at least two finished photos, per look. If we shoot two looks, expect at least 4 finished photos.

If you have any questions let us know on the test shoot form (below) and we’ll call you to discuss them.

We’re looking forward to meeting / working with you.

*A test shoot does not guarantee future employment.


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